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CBD Infused Gummy provides an end-to-end service level tailored to your needs. Our vast experience gives you the competitive edge you need, whether you are an emerging brand or well-established household name. 

You name it. We can do it.

CBD Infused Gummy offers more than just manufacturing.
Our extensive experience and wide range of services ensure a smooth process and perfect fit with white-glove treatment.
Consider us your one-stop-shop to fullfill all your product, packaging, and brand marketing needs.

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Variety of formulations, shapes, and flavors

All made natural with real fruits and always infused.

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Why Infused CBD Gummies are Better

Than coating or spraying them? We have the right answers and it all makes sense.

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LIVS Hemp Gummies Line

Energy (Orange Creamsicle)Energy (Orange Creamsicle)
Hemp LIVS Energy (Orange Creamsicle)
Sale price$54.99
In stock
Calm (Blueberry)Calm (Blueberry)
Hemp LIVS Calm (Blueberry)
Sale price$44.99
Sold out
Balance (Pomegranate)Balance (Pomegranate)
Hemp LIVS Balance (Pomegranate)
Sale price$44.99
Sold out
Sleep (Strawberry Cream)Sleep (Strawberry Cream)
Hemp LIVS Sleep (Strawberry Cream)
Sale price$54.99
Sold out

Our in-house brand features top performing consumer favorite flavors of CBD Infused Gummies.

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CBD Infusion Through Innovation

Using the most modern technology for gummies manufacturing our facilities process large orders quickly and efficiently. Our state of the art mechanical CBD infused systems produce delicious (fully INFUSED) gummies, with either full or broad-spectrum CBD, capturing the hemp plant's phytonutrients while removing the THC component entirely. ​

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Enjoy Wellness by the Bite

We view CBD as a natural solution to a modern life. Our CBD gummies are formulated with broad or full-spectrum CBD which has been shown to improve the body’s response to stress, sleep, and exercise induced stress on the body. CBD offers the holistic benefits of restoring mental clarity, reducing stress and anxiety, providing pain relief, and improving overall wellness vital for a healthy lifestyle.

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Bringing Your Brand to Life

We’re invested in the future of our industry. And because of that, we're committed to helping our partners' brands to exceed their marketing goals. Our brand marketing approach ensures that all of your marketing efforts work in synergy to tell a meaningful story in a way that attracts more customers and builds your business.

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